Why Finance?

There are ultimately two different ways to purchase a vehicle. One is using your own cash funds and the other is through some form of loan from a bank or financier (or perhaps a combination of the two).

If you are in the fortunate position of having cash available for your purchase you may be tempted to pay in cash, but there are some benefits of taking advantage of financing for your purchase, which you may want to consider first. These include:

Future savings – Often financing will allow you to purchase a better vehicle than what you might be able to afford with the cash amount you have on hand. Having access to a more modern car can lead to less maintenance costs and better efficiencies, saving you in the long term.

Having savings on hand for unexpected events – Keeping your savings available for when needed is a comforting position to be in.

Building your credit history – If you are starting out with establishing a new credit history or trying to improve the one you’ve got, building a positive credit history with a vehicle financier can work in your favour for future financing requirements.

Better budgeting – You will often know exactly how much you’ll be paying, every single month making it easier to budget your future expenses.

Less security – A benefit of financing your purchase through dealer arranged financed, is that in most cases the vehicle is the only security that is required. This is a much lower risk option than having security over your home or another asset should you ever have financially difficulty and default on your repayments.

We believe in lending responsibly, and encourage you to never borrow more than you can comfortably afford to repay.

If you do decide to opt to finance your next vehicle we offer several tools on the Autotrader website including displaying indicative repayment amounts and highlighting vehicles that might be affordable to your situation.

Would I qualify for finance?

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