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Car Finance


Still dreaming of that new ride? At our finance partner Oxford Finance can get you behind the wheel. With over 65 years of industry experience, vehicle finance is their strong point! They are committed to making it happen for you whatever you’ve settled on – car, people mover, motorbike, ute, or any other type of transport you want to own and drive. To get a finance quote CLICK HERE


  •         Fast, easy finance solutions for vehicle lending.
  •         Tailored finance solutions for your Kiwi lifestyle!
  •         Flexible options and terms.
  •         Get pre-approval for your purchase.
  •         Straight up deals you can afford!


Get a quick quote from their vehicle finance calculator! CLICK HERE


There are a few things to consider when looking for car finance:


  •         Interest rates: Interest rates on car finance can vary dependent on a customer’s credit profile. A responsible lender will ensure you are offered a fair interest rate for your personal circumstances.
  •         Fees and charges: It is important to check whether there are any hidden fees or charges involved in getting car finance. There can be break fees (these are penalty fees for paying off the car loan early), fees for missing payments or loan establishment fees.
  •         Loan repayment insurance: Consider loan repayment insurance or Payment Waiver as additional protection for your loan and your lifestyle. This will be an extra cost added to your loan repayments. Depending on the finance company loan repayment insurance can protect you from loss of income.  Cover such as these can help you in the event an unexpected life event occurs leaving you unable to meet your loan repayments.

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