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Basic information

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Additional extras

  • Delivery

    Live out of town? We can arrange the safe delivery of your vehicle to you. Simply select your nearest delivery point from the list below for some indicative pricing.

    {{d.locationName}} {{fix.formatDeliveryRate(d)}}
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance {{fix.formatPerPeriod(fix.mbiPerPeriodMin, 'from ')}}

    We understand that sinking feeling when something happens to your vehicle. Our insurance products help pay for those nasty surprises, helping you get back on the road again quickly. Learn more here.


    {{fix.getGroupProductType(g)}} Cover {{fix.getGroupProductVariant(g)}}

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    ${{p.excess}} excess
  • Service Plan{{fix.formatPerPeriod(fix.spPerPeriodMin, 'from ')}}

    Get your vehicle servicing and annual WOF's sorted for the next 2 to 3 years. All plans also include preferential purchasing rates on parts (should repairs be needed) and national coverage at one of Pit Stop's 48 service centres across New Zealand.

    {{i.displayName}} {{formatSummaryPrice(i.value)}} {{fix.formatPerPeriod(i.paymentPerPeriod)}}
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection{{fix.formatPerPeriod(fix.gapPerPeriodMin, 'from ')}}

    The GAP policy covers some of the difference between a total loss payout on your vehicle by your comprehensive insurer and the balance owing under your credit contract. This is often also called a loan equity shortfall. Learn more here.

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  • Payment Protection Insurance{{fix.formatPerPeriod(fix.ppiPerPeriodMin, 'from ')}}

    When you take a loan for a vehicle you are expected to make regular repayments back to the financier in order to pay off the loan (and any interest and fees) in the timeframe designated. PPI, LPI and CCI are types of insurances designed to continue making those repayments for you, when (under certain circumstances) you might not be able to. Learn more here.

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Indicative repayments
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Please Note: AutoTrader is not a lender nor a financial adviser. Any repayment amounts displayed are indicative only and have been calculated using a number of other indicative inputs (editable here). Any amounts displayed should not be seen as an offer of finance or taken as financial advice.
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