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“Blind” Mad Mike stunt showcases phone network


Kiwi drift car sensation Mad Mike Whiddett has demonstrated the reliability of the Vodafone 4G network in a high octane stunt at Leadfoot track in Hahei.

The international drift car champion successfully completed a technically challenging course with his windows completely blacked out, his only vision coming through four tablets fixed to the inside of his windscreen.

A live video call across the Vodafone 4G network delivered Mad Mike’s only view of the outside world, beaming in from four smart phones attached to the roof of his drift car.

These were extremely dramatic conditions for Mad Mike who relies heavily on visual cues to remain in control as he intentionally over-steers, causing his car to loose traction and “drift” around corners at high speed.

Mad Mike said the #4GRedline stunt was the most extreme and challenging of his career, “It was a little risky that’s for sure and this was without a doubt the biggest challenge I’ve ever had behind the wheel.

“The whole experience was amazing and like being in a different world because switching quickly between those screens actually made me feel a little bit car sick for the first time in my life,” he said.

Standing by the reliability of the network, Vodafone’s Director of 4G Network, Tony Baird, rode shot gun during the high stakes stunt.

“The experience was extreme and the stakes were high but it worked with the 4G network delivering the vision Mad Mike needed to manoeuvre around the course with confidence,” said Tony.

“It was an awesome experience and an exciting glimpse into what’s possible as we move toward the world of 5G,” he said.

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