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Bentley Mulsanne


Take a look inside the Bentley factory as the new Mulsanne is being built

At the Crewe factory, a team of 98 specialists are putting togeter the finishing touches on the painted body, hand crafted leather hides and wood veneers, the 6 ¾ litre V8 engine and myriad electrical components.

Bentley says hundreds of quality tests are conducted throughout the build process, utilising some of the automotive industry’s most advanced software.

Inside the factory, once the Mulsanne’s painted body shell enters the ‘build hall’, work begins on positioning the electrical loom (which is pre-heated to ensure the cabling is as flexible as possible) and fitting the fuel tank. Several specialist teams will also start working on building major sub-assemblies such as the dashboard and doors prior to installation.

Each car is given a unique electronic ‘Bentley passport number’ which ensures that its complete build specification is available, including optional feature specsm such as the customers' choice from a range of over 100 paint colours.

In the dashboard sub-assembly area, six team members are responsible for the installation and testing of the complex electrical controls using touch-screen computers. They are supported by two other colleagues who are tasked with hand-fitting the leather top-roll to the dashboard.

Further down the line the new 6 ¾ litre V8 engine and 8-speed transmission are ‘married’ to the car. It takes the team approximately 20 minutes to bring the body and powertrain together, position the suspension and guide the sub frames into their locations. It will then take another 80 minutes to secure the powertrain and make all the connections before the ancillary components such as exhaust, front end module and radshell can be fitted.

One of the most involved processes is building the cabin ‘from top to bottom’. The team start with the headlining and systematically work their way down to the floor, fitting the windows, ‘ring of wood’ waistrail, seats, and doors.

By the time the Mulsanne nears the end of the assembly line it will have undergone over 2000 checks. It will then be fuelled and ready to be driven onto the shake rig and rolling road test areas.

Check out the video for your own guided tour...

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