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Audi RS5


Is Audi's advancement through technology ethos the right one for a driver's Audi?

Audi used to only offer one RS model for sale at once, now there’s three: the TT RS, RS6 and the newbie RS5.

What does this mean for Audi’s once uber-exclusive RS arm, going mainstream? Hope not. But the RS5 does throw up a few concerns. You could never criticise a jaw-droppingly gorgeous 450 horsepower Audi coupe for being boring, but in typical Audi fashion, there is a of drive technology on board that seems to conflict the driver-focussed heritage of the brand’s past RS masters.

There’s plenty of pleasing expectations represented here. A flawlessly screwed together cabin, addictive acceleration and soundtrack, comfortable seating and a practical boot. But Steve Vermeulen ponders if Audi’s advancement through technology ethos is the right one for a driver’s Audi. 










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