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Zero emission cars for Wellington


Renault-Nissan has formed an alliance with Wellington city to develop a Zero Emission Vehicle program

A team of representatives from Wellington City Council and Nissan are looking for ways to promote the use of zero emission vehicles in the city.

A memorandum was signed in Japan following Mayor of Wellington, Kerry Prendergast’s test drive of the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle.

"I can't wait for these fantastic cars to hit the streets of Wellington. They have great performance, they're easy to drive and they'll make short work of our hills. Nissan's efforts to build an affordable electric vehicle is great news for Wellington."

John Manley, Nissan New Zealand Managing Director, says: "Technology for zero emissions mobility is a reality and we are prepared to proactively explore ways to bring this technology to New Zealand with collaboration from the Wellington administration. “

Manley says Nissan aims to have this vehicle in Wellington by mid 2011.

While details about who will get to drive the vehicles are still under discussion, the Council hopes to see the cars based in prominent places around the city and at tourist entry points like Wellington Airport, the InterIslander ferry terminal and cruise ship berths.

The cars, capable of running for 160 kilometres on one charge, would be recharged at a number of 'stations' in city streets.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance has formed partnerships with more than 60 governments, cities and other organizations around the world, including Japan, USA., Europe, Asia and Australia, to advance the deployment of EVs worldwide.

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