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Wrap Your Car In The Carbon Look.


Enthusiasts can customise their car with the 'carbon look' without the expense of going into the paint shop, thanks to an idea now launching in New Zealand.

It's called DIY Car Wrap and it can transform a dull motor into a modern art form with a 3D carbon appearance.  And, as its name suggests, it can be done by anyone at home in their garage.

Car Wraps are not entirely new – professionals have been wrapping vehicles in all sorts of wonderful designs and creations for several years. But leading automotive accessory company Griffiths Equipment has now made similar effects available to the amateur.

The adhesive 3D DIY Car Wraps can be applied to the body of any vehicle, giving it the carbon look appearance, in a range of seven colours, from black through to chameleon green.

“Compared to spray painting a car, these wraps are an inexpensive and interesting way to change the look of a car,” says Bruce Walker, Sales Manager for Griffiths Equipment.

“The wraps are made from a stretchy vinyl material that you can mould to the shape and contour of the body and you don't have to be an expert to try it. The material is very forgiving to work with, it can be stretched, pulled, heated, cut and shaped without breaking the vinyl.”

The Car Wraps come in 150cm x 150cm sheets and can be easily joined to form larger coverings and if owners become tired of the look, they can be peeled off to reveal the original paintwork.
As well as adding to the style of the vehicle, the vinyl wrap protects the paintwork from stone chips and scratches so can help to maintain the value of the vehicle. The vinyl is also treated so that it is resistant to UV rays from the sun.

Mr Walker says enthusiasts can use the wrap in a number of ways. He has seen examples where just the bonnet has been wrapped, leaving the rest of the body colour as a contrasting feature. Similarly, various panels on the car can be wrapped for different effects, such as the roof, spoilers or wheel arches and is also ideal for use on painted metal of plastic surfaces inside the car.

The wrap can also been used as a strip along the sill and lower doors of SUVs, not only for decoration, but also to protect against stone chips when driving on unmade roads or going off the beaten track.

The 3D DIY Car Wrap is available from automotive accessory outlets throughout New Zealand and prices start from just $150.00. Each kit comes with full instructions on how to apply the wrap.

Auto Trader New Zealand