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Wireless cellphone earpiece promotes safer driving


A new wireless cellphone earpiece is hoped to encourage more drivers to adopt safer hands-free driving in New Zealand

A unique wireless cellphone earpiece that charges itself whilst sitting in a dashboard cradle is aimed at encouraging more people to put their mobile phones down and drive more safely.

The Bluetooth-equipped Yada earpiece and cradle has been released in this market by automotive accessory specialist Griffiths Equipment, which says there is nothing else like it in the market.

“Cellphone earpieces are not new, but the way this one works is likely to encourage more people to go hands-free, because it is not only wireless, but is always charged and ready for use,” says Bruce Walker, of Griffiths Equipment.

“It’s the sort of simple, break-through that will attract both the tech-savvy and the average driver because of its sheer convenience and the result should be fewer holding a phone when driving and being less distracted.”

The tiny earpiece – it’s only 4.5cm long – can be matched up to any brand of mobile phone via Bluetooth technology in less than two minutes and the user is then able to make and receive calls whilst still keeping both hands on the steering wheel, or undertaking any other activity, and keep the phone in a pocket or handbag.

There are no leads, because it is powered by a battery that recharged every time it is returned to the cradle, through a 12v or 24v power outlet in the car or truck. The cradle/charger, which is included in the kit, can be clipped onto an air vent or attached to the dashboard. The cradle is a universal holder that most cellphones will fit into.

To answer calls the wearer only has to push the small button on the front of the ear-piece and talk – an in-built microphone picks up their voice. If you want to transfer the call to the mobile phone itself, just push the ear-piece button during the call. It is even compatible with mobiles phones that have voice activation. A small bar button on the side of the ear-piece controls the volume.

Fully charged, the earpiece has up to 6 hours talk time and 105 hours standby, so can also be used away from the vehicle and charger.

Another earpiece made by Yada is also available claimed to be the lowest price on the market, retailing for just $96. It has the more conventional design with a clip that wraps around the ear, but is also wireless and connects to any cellphone in the same way. It also has 6 hours talk time and 100 hours standby and is recharged via a lead that plugs into the vehicle’s cigarette/auxiliary outlet.

Yada is part of the US-based Winplus stable that provides a range of automotive accessories under the Type S brand, which have sold successfully in New Zealand in recent years.

The Yada range also includes USB and in-car chargers for the mobile phone ear-piece that can be purchased separately, a mobile phone holder that mounts onto the dashboard and a wireless Bluetooth speakerphone that clips to the underside of the vehicle’s sunvisor.

The Yada hands-free mobile headset/ear-piece and other products are available at leading auto accessory retailers. Various kits available retailing from $96.00 to $158.00.

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