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Volvo demonstrates its pedestrian avoidance system


VIDEO: Volvo's new collision avoidance system, called Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake and Pedestrian Detection, is due to debut on the 2010 S60

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Designed around the idea of preventing collisions with pedestrians, the Volvo system on the 2010 S60 recognises people near the car and brakes to avoid coming into contact with them.

The system even tracks and anticipates the paths of pedestrians, and reacts accordingly. Volvo says it can completely avoid any collision below 15mph (24kph).

This isn't something that could be used to completely eliminate crashes in fast-moving traffic, but it can reduce the effects of such crashes by slowing the car before impact.

The system is demonstrated in the video below, as applied on the streets of Copenhagen behind the wheel of a prototype S60. Volvo says the end goal of its work in this field is to build a car that cannot crash.

The 2010 Volvo S60 is due for release next year.


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