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V8 Maloo wins green challenge


Holden Special Vehicles have won the 2009 Global Green Challenge Eco Challenge category in a HSV Maloo R8 utility

Skippered by HSV Engineer Gerry Bechet and motoring journalist Joshua Dowling, the HSV Maloo R8 delivered 48.76% improvement on the Australian Design Rule fuel consumption figure in the 3000km run from Darwin to Adelaide.

Overall the Maloo had a combined average fuel consumption of 7.74 litres per 100 kilometres, according to provisional results released.

Run every two years, the idea of the race is to challenge the vehicles involved to produce the best results in comparison to their fuel/energy consumption and emissions listed in the Australian Design Regulation figures. It’s not particularly a race, more so a challenge to see which car company really can deliver the fuel economy it says it can.

Although this result does not make the Maloo the most frugal competitor in the Global Green Car Challenge fleet, it is the vehicle to improve upon its fuel consumption rating by the biggest margin.

The nearest competitor made a 39.81 per cent improvement (Ford Falcon), while the third-placed vehicle improved its consumption rating by 33.5 per cent (Skoda Superb).

The winning team put their success down to ‘doing their homework’, super consistent driving and a willingness to put up with difficult cabin conditions.

“For instance we kept air-conditioning use to an absolute minimum, which meant coping with cabin temperatures of more than 50 degrees Celsius for hours on end,” Gerry Bechet said.

“We also studied each stage of the drive intensely, down to the climbs and descents and even the contours of the roads.”

Co-driver Joshua Dowling said participating in the event was gruelling.

“The level of concentration required to maintain a good average speed and drive efficiently is extremely exhausting, especially in such hot conditions over so many long days.”

Managing Director of HSV Phil Harding congratulated the team on the stunning result.

“This result confirms what I have been saying for a long time and many of our customers confirm – the real world fuel efficiency of the Holden Special Vehicles range is extremely competitive.”

The HSV Maloo is powered by a 6.2-litre V8 which has 317kW of power and 550Nm of torque and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4.9 seconds. The vehicle used in the event had a six-speed manual transmission.

The new HSV E2 Maloo, released in Australia last month, includes a new bonnet with twin vents, a new front bumper, Euro-style daytime running lights and a new colour, Poison Ivy.

Technical upgrades on E2 Maloo include improved economy, revised suspension, launch control and a ‘competition mode’ stability control setting.

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