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Track tighter than drivers expected


NZ V8 drivers say they're using first gear for five of the eight corners on the new Hamilton racetrack but their overall response has been positive.

NZ V8 drivers have found the Hamilton circuit tighter than they had expected.

Fujitsu Ford Falcon driver Kayne Scott, who set the sixth-fastest lap in this morning 30-minute test session, said: “it’s a little tighter than I though tit would be. You’ve got to slow the car and get the entry to the corner right.

“Twenty laps is going to be a long race around here.”

Former double world touring car cup winner, Paul Radisich (HPM Falcon) said: “I walked around the track yesterday and it didn’t look that tight

“But when you get in the car, it is quite tight, once you’re out there and up to speed.

“I liked the track, though. Hamilton can be very proud of what they’ve put together.”

Radisich was seventh quickest in timed practice.

United Video Falcon driver Mark Pedersen said he’d been surprised to find he was only getting into fourth – an NZ V8’s top gear – for about 200 metres.

“We use first gear five times.”

However, Pedersen said he was pleased to be second-fastest and might have gone faster if he hadn’t misjudged and gone into the chicane too hot, being launched into the air several times as he bumped over the kerbs and damaging the shock absorbers.

Current NZ V8s champion, John McIntyre, was fastest lapping the BP Ultimate Falcon at 1m 34.0217s,

Faster Holden Commodore driver was Paul Manuell, 13th in the Orix car and just ahead of Jack Perkins’ Meguiars Holden.

In qualifying sessions run so far, Australian David Reynolds has taken pole position in the Porsche GT3, ahead of Craig Baird and Anthony Pedersen; and in the Mini Challenge Courtney Letica was fastest with Brent Collins alongside him on the front row of the grid. Craig Innes was third.

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