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Toyota iQ shows its nous


Toyota microcar goes 60km further than expected on a tank of petrol in real-world test.

Toyota’s iQ microcar covered more than 800 kilometres, many of them on congested city roads on a single 32-litre tank of petrol, in a British real-world test.
That equates to fuel economy of 3.9 litres/100km (71.6mpg) and bettered the official figure of 4.3 litres/100km (65.7mpg). Using the official fuel consumption figure, the iQ’s theoretical range would have been 740km.

Two drivers from the iQ blog website drove the car on a two-day run that included 18 cities and rush hour in some of the most congested town centres in England and Wales.

The route started in Brighton and went as far west as Cardiff and as far north as Wolverhampton before finishing in Oxford.

The weather was atrocious and the crew needed to run the heater, headlights and wipers – all a drain on fuel consumption.



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