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Toyota confirms start of production for FT-86


Toyota's new 'affordable, sporty and fun' FT-86 will go into production in Japan early next year

The Toyota FT-86 is a rear-wheel-drive 2+2 coupe that will be powered by a 2.0-litre engine from Subaru and six-speed gearbox.

Subaru will soon follow suit, unveiling a different-looking but mechanically similar coupé, called 086a. The two models are part of a co-operative deal that began with Toyota being allowed to use surplus Subaru manufacturing capacity in the US, and has developed into an agreement to create “several cars” together.

Subaru will benefit from Toyota’s market expertise and economies of scale, while Toyota gets the use of Subaru’s compact flat-four engine and its track record at making cars keen drivers desire.

The FT-86 has a low centre of gravity, thanks to its dimensions of 4235mm length, 2570mm wheelbase, and 1270mm height. There is speculation it will weigh as little as 1100kg.




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