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The 932kW Czinger ‘21C’ hypercar looks as wild as its performance claims


It’s got a name like a spicy chicken burger, but its specs are spicier than that

Okay, sure, the Czinger 21C sounds like either a menu item offered up by the Colonel, or a new strain of some Eastern European virus, but when you read its specs sheet you might find yourself intrigued.

So let’s look at the headline numbers, according to California-based Czinger Vehicles. And yes, it’s pronounced the same as ‘zinger’, Czinger being taken from founder Kevin Czinger’s name.

Power is drawn from a mid-mounted, twin-turbo, flat-plane crank 2.9-litre V8 with at its disposal. That engine’s peak power? That comes at 10,500rpm. Yes please.

It’s also got an electric motor at each front wheel for a total output of 932kW.

No torque figure has been claimed but we imagine it’d boast plenty, given its 0-100km/h claim is just 1.9 seconds. A 1250kg kerb weight surely helps this, as well as the design being “rooted in aerodynamic efficiency.”

Its 1250kg and 1250 horsepower also allow it to run to 300km/h – and back to 0km/h – in just 15 seconds. But wait, the same exercise to 400km/h is said to take 29 seconds. That’s a full 13 seconds faster than the Bugatti Chiron is able to do the same.


Czinger claims the top speed of the 21C (for the 21st Century) is 432km/h.

And if 1250kg sounds too much for you? Czinger will offer a track-focused version called the 21C Lightweight with 32kg shaved off its kerb weight.

Only 80 will be built across both versions.

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