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Taking out the bumps


NASCAR has moved swiftly to try to outlaw the practice of bump-drafting on superspeedways.

The move follows harsh criticism from current champion Tony Stewart and multiple chamopion Jeff Gordon following last Sunday's Budweiser Shootout at Daytona.

Gordon said that unless NASCAR outlawed the practice someone would get killed.

Drivers use bump-drafting to gain an advantage on superspeedways where cars race with carburettor air intake restrictor plates to limit horsepower and speed. The cars race in clusters, often side-by-side, and to break the draft and get ahead drivers bump the car in front or may be bumped from behind by a teammate.

Stewart urged NASCAR to take action before this weekend's Daytona 500 restrictor plate race.

NASCAR says it will implement a system of "no zones" for the 500. No bump-drafting allowed in the corners. Officials will monitor the drivers' behaviour, and any caught bump-drafting will be black-flagged.

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