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System encourages fuel efficient driving


Honda develops system that trains drivers to save fuel as they drive.

Honda’s new Insight hybrid which debuts in 2009 has an Ecological Drive Assist System designed to help drivers achieve better fuel economy.
Its three different functions are designed to enhance fuel economy.

An Econ Mode controls engine, transmission and other powertrain components to support more fuel-efficient driving.

A guidance function helps drivers become more fuel-efficient using the colour of the speedometer display.

And a scoring function provides instant and long-term feedback on driving techniques.

Econ Mode applies harmonised control on the CVT automatic gearbox and engine to support more fuel-efficient driving.

As soon as the driver presses the Econ button, the system starts and the harmonised control of the CVT and engine will support more fuel-efficient driving.

Econ Mode automatically achieves energy-saving control of the air-conditioning unit, extends the idle stop time, and increases regenerative recharging during deceleration.

The Guidance Function provides real-time fuel-efficient driving guidance. To increase driver awareness of more fuel-efficient driving, the ambient meter, which is a background colour on the speedometer, notifies current driving conditions.

It’s green when fuel-efficient driving is being achieved, blue-green when relatively fuel-efficient driving is being achieved with smooth acceleration and deceleration, and a blue when the vehicle is consuming extra fuel with bursts of acceleration or deceleration.

The ambient meter makes the driver aware of real-time fuel consumption patterns, and encourages efficient driving while trying to maintain the green colour display.

The scoring function encourages drivers to develop a more environmentally-responsible driving style. It uses graphics of tree leaves to score the driver’s fuel-efficiency.

When the ignition is turned on, the display shows a score reflecting the real time driving performance. When the ignition switch is turned off, the leaves in the top row display a score for the journey just completed, while a horizontal bar in the bottom row of the display gives a score that represents cumulative lifetime performance.

The Multi-Information Display also allows drivers to view fuel economy figures for the past three trips, as well as instantaneous and average fuel economy statistics.













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