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Survey slams Kiwi driving ability


More than a quarter of New Zealand drivers are awful, according to a new Fly Buys online poll

Loyalty New Zealand, the company that runs Fly Buys, found that 27% of voters thought Kiwi drivers were "frankly awful, but think they are great".

Poll respondents also said that 41% of Kiwi drivers "need instruction to find their indicators, brakes or rear-view mirro". Only 3% were courteous and skillful.

Fly Buys drive community editor Steve Vermeulen says, “It’s no surprise so many are damning of Kiwi’s driving ability; our open road car control is generally pretty good, as a nation we still struggle with city and motorway congestion and a lot of us fail to grasp the bigger picture when it comes to traffic flow in these situations.

“Awareness, and importantly, consideration of other road users is the key here. But that’s a two-way street, it’s one thing to jump on those less confident or slower drivers, but they have every right to share our roads too.  Giving a little old lady the finger because she didn’t pull over doesn’t make a good driver, exercising empathy and patience does.”

According to Fly Buys, the poll collected information from more than 1000 voters.

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