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Subaru sells 913,000 vehicles worldwide


Subaru enjoyed a record year in 2014, selling over 913,000 vehicles worldwide – more than half of them in the United States.

For the first time Subaru sold more than half a million cars in the USA, with a 21 percent increase over 2013 to 513,693 units. This is the sixth consecutive year of record sales, and the only manufacturer in the US to post seven consecutive years of sales growth through the Global Financial Crisis years.

The 2015 Outback and Legacy range launched in July 2014, sold over 190,000 units, while the new WRX series sales were up 42 percent to 25,492 units. Subaru’s light SUV range, the Forester and the Subaru XV Crosstrek also enjoyed strong growth, selling over 230,000 units.

In Canada, Subaru sales rose 14.3% to 42,035 units, achieving an all-time record for the 3rd consecutive year as well as the 40,000 sales milestone for the first time with all of the key models contributing to the success.

Australia, Subaru’s fourth largest market after the USA, China and Canada, set an all-time record for the third consecutive year of 40,502 units. The Forester and Subaru XV were the biggest sellers across the Tasman with sales of 11,539 and 13,670 units respectively.

Over 55,000 vehicles were sold in China in 2014.

Subaru is targeting 940,000 sales globally in 2015, with capacity at its Indiana plant in the United States freeing up more manufacturing space for Subaru as a contract to produce the Toyota Camry is wound down.

With so much international growth Subaru in New Zealand has struggled to get production allocation over the past few years but continues to hold one of the better market shares for Subaru world wide.

Two percent of the 2014 passenger and SUV market in New Zealand is strong by world wide standards for the brand.

New Zealand’s open border policy for used imports means Subaru as a brand holds around 5% share of the overall NZ carpark.

Sales ratios of over five or six to one between used import and NZ new Subarus over the decades has given New Zealand the biggest per capita share of Subaru drivers in the world.

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