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Subaru lead footing it to Hahei festival


Subaru is continuing its involvement with the Leadfoot Festival which is run at Rod Millen's property at Hahei on the Coromandel peninsula.

To be held on Waitangi weekend from February 6-8 next year, Subaru will be providing the pace cars for the event on Millen's 1.6 kms long driveway.

"It's great to see the event back again in 2015," said Wallis Dumper, the Managing Director of Subaru of New Zealand. "There's a great festival atmosphere over the weekend and the changes for next year look exciting."

Planning is underway to introduce a wider range of entertainment and activities, to make the Leadfoot Festival more attractive for families.

But the main feature will continue to be the wide variety of classic and modern, racing, rally and sports cars and motorcycles which will do timed runs over the winding up hill drive way.

"Subaru has extended its relationship with Rod and the Festival. I am sure the event has a bright future," said Mr. Dumper.

"We're excited to be involved. The event fits with Subaru. It's a niche motorsport event and Subaru's All Wheel Drive boxer engined cars stand-alone from the rest of the motor industry."

Tickets for Leadfoot Festival went on sale on 1 September.

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