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Subaru launch fifth-gen 2015 Outback


Outback has enhanced its SUV credentials with the launch of the fifth generation symmetrical all-wheel drive 2015 model.

There is a suite of new technology, combined with sophisticated design and premium soft-touch interior trim, as well as the uniquely Subaru Boxer engines with a lower centre of gravity that sets them apart from the crossover SUV wagon pack.

A new feature-packed infotainment system introduces a wide array of new functions, plus speech recognition. And the X-Mode All Wheel Drive feature that enhances driver safety and confidence on steep hills and slippery terrain drives home Outback’s true SUV off road capability.

Yet it is equally at home on tarmac, with its symmetrical all-wheel drive and low centre of gravity delivering a handling and road holding package that makes Outback a driver’s car in all conditions.

Subaru New Zealand managing director Wallis Dumper commented: “SUVs have been the growth story of the motor industry recently. But many don’t stack up, only offering 2WD. At best they can be termed ‘crossovers’ between conventional cars and real SUVs. Many are just jacked up hatches!”

He said SUVs had traditionally offered four-wheel drive and some form of off-road driving ability. “Subaru’s SUVs provide the opportunity to get to out of the way places where conventional 2WDs can’t go. The 2015 Outback can provide a genuine SUV experience and provide a dynamically superior performance on tarmac compared to its rivals.”

Other innovations on the 2015 Outback include the active shutter grille, aiding fuel efficiency by improving aerodynamic performance.

The larger cargo area adds to practicality, along with a rear door-space step that makes roof rack loading and unloading easier.

The 2015 Outback will go on sale in February at prices to be announced on 2 February 2015. There will be a choice of three power trains, all with the fuel saving benefits of the unique Subaru Lineartronic Transmission, including the 3.6RS model for the first time.

There are two 2.5-litre, four-cylinder petrol Boxer engined models with 129 kWs and 235 Nm. A single 3.6RS six-cylinder petrol Boxer motor variant has 191 kWs and 350 Nm, the identical torque produced by the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder Boxer Diesel which has 110 kWs and will be available in two models.

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