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Scrap Car Recycling is about to make


New Zealanders greener and richer

From April 2012 everyone with an old car in New Zealand can access Scrap Car Recycling's new network of car recycling centres that have made the pledge to uphold our high standards of customer service and recycling. This exciting new service will guarantee the public the best value for their scrap car, by finding the highest price that the country's scrap car recycling centres will pay. Not only will the customer know they have received the best deal, but they can be reassured that their old car has been recycled responsibly.

Toxic substances from scrap cars including oil, coolant and battery acid can have a massively damaging effect on the environment if they are poured irresponsibly onto land and end up in watercourses. Every one of New Zealand's Scrap Car Recycling centres will operate in accordance with Scrap Car Recycling's tough treatment standards. So no tyres will be dumped in ditches, and no toxic oil will be tipped down the drain, and the car's shell could be recycled into any number of new products, maybe even a new car.

Jon Norgrove, Scrap Car Recycling's New Zealand Manager, had this to say: "Approximately 150,000 cars and light vans are scrapped in New Zealand every year. Until now there has been no simple place for the public to go too to ensure they get a competitive deal for their scrap car, and the reassurance of responsible recycling. With the support of the New Zealand Scrap Association we are very excited to be offering New Zealand residents a new service that does both, giving them real peace of mind.

"Our company was founded following the introduction of the European ‘End of Life Vehicle Directive', which was designed to reduce the waste from scrap cars and ensure less was sent to landfill. With support from leading car manufacturers we set up a network of scrap car recyclers to guarantee the public received the best price for their scrap car, and ensure the highest possible standards of customer service and recycling. We were soon established as the leading car recycling network in the UK, which is a position we are still proud to hold.

"Scrap Car Recycling has invested a great deal into setting up a similar network in New Zealand, offering the same high standards that we believe make our service a great one. Customers simply need to visit or call 0800 825 346* to get an instant quote for their old car. It couldn't be easier for New Zealanders to clear their driveway the green way and know they will get the best deal."

(*Standard call rates apply. Mobile costs may vary.)

For more information please contact:

Jon Norgrove New Zealand Manager for Scrap Car Recycling. Email:

Auto Trader New Zealand