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Right-hand-drive Camaro coming


The Chevrolet Camaro muscle car will be built in right-hand-drive, according to GM vice chairman

General Motors' Bob Lutz reportedly told journalists at the Detroit motor show that a right-hand-drive version of the car will be built, opening the possibility of export to Australia. The Camaro would be a replacement for the Holden Monaro, and could arrive as soon as 2011.

When answering a question from the Carsales Network about the possibility of desirable American cars such as the full size pick-ups and the Corvette being available in right-hand-drive, Bob Lutz said: "With the currency and so on we now have a golden opportunity to export from the United States, and with the excellence of the product we really should be pushing exports.

"I think you can pretty much count on a right-hand-drive Camaro.

"The Camaro at some point will be factory right-hand-drive. That is what we are currently looking at ... with a great deal of focus, built in the plant in Canada and shipped to right-hand-drive markets from Canada.

"Most of the parts are there. All we have to do really is reverse the instrument panel. All of the right hand drive bits are a given because of the Holden architecture."

In the same interview, Lutz described the Holden Commodore as a "four-door Corvette", fuelling speculation that it could be sold in America as a Chevrolet.

Holden designed and engineered the Camaro in Australia on behalf of Chevrolet because it shares its core with the Commodore, but the car is made in Canada.

Let's hope these stonking muscle cars can jump ship to our shores...

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