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Reid: expect more exciting racing


A!GP driver Jonny Reid says he's sure changes to the Taupo racetrack - criticised last year for its lack of passing places - will provide better racing following a layout change.

 Kiwi driver, Jonny Reid, says changes to the corners at the end of the main straight will make next January’s A1GP races at Taupo much more exciting.

The previous fast left-right-left sequence of corners has been reconfigured into a tight left-hander, followed by an even tighter right-hander.

‘Cars will now be subjected to heavier braking, which opens up more opportunities to pass,” says Reid.

“If drivers are prepared to push hard, and they’re good enough, they should be rewarded. It’s wicked that we’ll be hitting that sort of corner more often than usual given the Taupo track is three and a half kilometres long, compared to the five kilometre monsters you can get in Asia.”

A1GP Taupo boss, Gary Dawson, says the changed layout is directly in front of the main stands seating 8500 people.

“The drivers will be jostling for position at the most appropriate segment of the circuit.”

Taupo track CEO, David Steele, says the changes reflect the track’s commitment to ensuring the most exciting racing.

“Big cars, great drivers and an untried, little used circuit meant last January’s inaugural A1GP Taupo didn’t have the passing opportunities we’d hoped, but we’re positive that won’t be the case in year two.”

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