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Porsche won’t discount prices to chase sales


Porsche says it’s “impossible to calculate” what may happen to sales in the USA, its largest single market, but the German carmaker is adamant it won’t be boarding the discount merry-go-round to try to stimulate business

It’s bracing itself for “a significant drop in sales in the current business year 2008/2009. The signs of a severe decrease in demand in the automotive industry are unmistakable the world over.

“Porsche will hardly be able to escape this downward trend, so that currently we do not assume that we will be able to repeat the high total sales of the (2007/2008) business year,” it said in a statement released today.

“This is indeed borne out by revenue and sales figures in the current business year from August 1 to mid-November 2008. (They) indicate that turnover in the first four months of the business year 2008/2009…will be slightly above two billion Euro (it was 2.36 billion Euro in the same period last year). Sales show a similar development, amounting to 25,200 units after 30,700 units year-on-year.”

Porsche says that despite the drop in sales, it will stick to its policy of not granting discounts. “Instead, production is being scaled down to reflect actual demand in the market. The Zuffenhausen Plant (will close) for seven days up to the end of January 2009.

“Since the employees’ working time accounts are well filled (by) the high level of production capacity last year, this balance can be achieved without reducing the number of working hours. (We expect a) significant move ahead in the upcoming business year with the launch of the four-door, four-seater Panamera Gran Turismo."

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