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Nitro “Funny” car one of the fastest machines on the planet


Grant Downing lays claim to be the world’s fastest kiwi when he races his nitro methane “funny” car in drag races around America.

The class comprises the fastest cars in the world. In the time it takes to say your name and street address Downing will reach 200 km and a top speed over the quarter mile of 400kmh. Downing's black Pontiac, sporting a large silver fern, will fire up on the track during the night parade at the 2 Hot 2 Handle night parade just after dusk on Saturday April 8. It is too fast to do a full run, but will provide a spectacular display of howling engine, blue fire and smoke that's guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

Warhawk and Nitehawk back for a double Jet Cars Act

The sonic booming jet car last year rattled and woke up Wellington before demonstrating its stunning speed. This year the US-based Warhawk will be joined from the States by Nitehawk for twice the fire and double the action during street demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday. The cars, which can reach 200kmh in 200 metres before deploying their parachutes, are back by popular demand on the Wellington waterfront.

2 Hot 2 Handle is also displaying the most glamorous and fabulously expensive cars inside. New Zealand's only Enzo Ferrari, John Britten's world championship winning motorbike, the latest Rolls Royce, two of Australia's top hot rods, the US-based Nitro Funny Car, a huge display of New Zealand's top Japanese Imports, along with Classic Cars, Hot Rods and V8s. Also a one-off display of Ferraris, along with the latest Lamborghini, hot off-the shelf Holdens and Fords.


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