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New world record fuelled by french fries


The existing Guinness World Record for the longest journey by a car using alternative fuel has been broken

Tyson Jerry (26) and Cloe Whittaker (24) have officially broken the existing Guinness World Record for longest journey by car using alternative fuel in their “Veggie-Mobile”, a van converted to run on the waste oil from French fries and other restaurant foods.

The previous record was 23,697 miles (38,137km).

Whittaker and Jerry, both from Canada, will now continue their “Driven to Sustain” North Americanwide sustainability campaign until they hit 28,000 miles, or 45,000km. They started at zero in the fall of 2009 and by the time they conclude their journey, will have traveled through every province, state, and territory in the United States and Canada.

Along the way, they have stopped at schools to talk about sustainability. The Driven to Sustain campaign includes a free downloadable curriculum for teachers that has been developed by an Ontario schoolteacher with input from the Sierra Club.

As well as visits to schools, the couple has visited projects and people across North America who have embraced earth-friendly ventures, including sustainable farms, the largest wind and solar farms in the world, and earth homes in New Mexico.

  • The Vehicle: Mitsubishi Delica
  • The Fuel: Straight waste vegetable oil (WVO, SVO)
  • Fuel Economy: 22.6 miles per gallon - 12.5 litres per 100 km - 8 kilometers per litre
  • The Reason: Learning and raising awareness about sustainable living and environmental awareness. A world record attempt to learn about and share information for the promotion of healthy sustainable living choices.

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