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New vehicle sales continuing to fly the flag


Motor Trade Association (MTA) says July saw new vehicle sales continuing to fly the flag for economic recovery with strong sales evident across most segments of the market.

Last month, 8,361 new vehicles were sold overall, compared to 6,705 in July 2011, an increase of 1,656 units (25 percent). Year to date, overall sales are up by 9,493 units (19 percent).

MTA spokesperson Ian Stronach said "The market for new vehicles has been strong throughout 2012 so far. The combination of continued vehicle replacement amongst fleet owners as well as increasing confidence amongst private buyers is pushing sales upwards. Compared to some other sectors, vehicle sales are riding a strong tide of confidence that’s repeatedly delivering healthy results across almost every segment."

New car sales were well ahead with sales of 6,208 units up 1,329 units (27 percent), compared to the same month last year. Year to date, new car sales are ahead of 2011 by 8,183 units (23 percent).

New commercial vehicle sales of 2,153 units were up 327 units (18 percent) compared to July 2011. Year to date, overall new commercial sales are ahead of 2011 by 1,310 units (10 percent).

2012 saw the strongest July month for both new car and new commercial vehicles since 2007, and may be a pointer to growing economic confidence in the wider economy. A growing pool of confident buyers, plenty of new models for buyers to consider all backed by aggressive promotional and marketing programmes should ensure that 2012’s vehicle market is remembered as a strong and successful one.

Top selling passenger car brands:
Toyota   1,098 units    18 percent market share
Holden   735 units       12 percent market share
Ford       628 units       10 percent market share

Top selling passenger car models:
Holden Captiva     261 units
Suzuki Swift           242 units
Toyota Corolla      235 units

Top selling commercial vehicle brands:
Toyota        531 units        25 percent market share
Ford           376 units        17  percent market share
Nissan       218 units         10 percent market share

Top selling commercial vehicle models:
Ford Ranger       330 units     
Toyota Hilux        328 units  
Nissan Navara   198 units

Used import cars sales of 6,641 units were just 77 units behind July 2011. Year to date, sales of used imported cars are down by 2,736 units (6 percent).
While modest by historic standards, sales of 360 on-road motorcycles were nevertheless 64 units (22 percent) ahead of July 2011. For the year to date, on-road motorcycle sales are down by 700 units (18 percent).

Top selling on road motorcycle brands:
Suzuki    78 units     22  percent market share
Honda    28 units     8 percent market share
Triumph  28 units     8 percent market share

Figures provided by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA).

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