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New rule for winter tyre use


Transport Minister Steven Joyce has signed a new rule setting safety standards for winter tyres

Using snow and regular tyres on the same vehicle will be banned from April, Transport Minister Steven Joyce says.

Joyce says the mixing of winter or snow tyres with other tyre types has led to several fatal accidents.

"Coroners' reports have identified at least four deaths on our roads since January 2007 where the combination of winter and conventional tyres was a contributing factor. This Rule will help reduce the risk of further deaths and injuries by prohibiting the mixing of these tyres," says Joyce.

Research has found that mixing winter and conventional tyres can make a vehicle difficult to control in wet conditions and during hard braking. The Rule also specifies a greater minimum tread depth for winter tyres to further ensure safety.

Winter tyres are usually marked with a snowflake or mountain symbol and/or the word ‘studless'. The Tyres and Wheels Amendment Rule comes into force on 1 April 2010.

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