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New Prius gets even greener... and more powerful


The new engine and innovative technologies in Toyota’s new generation Prius ups the ante for the greenest car on New Zealand’s roads

The new generation Toyota Prius, set to go on sale in New Zealand in August, has received a host of upgrades to further improve its green credentials.

The official fuel consumption figure for the new generation Prius is 3.9 litres per 100 kilometres, an 11 per cent improvement over the outgoing model (4.4L).

It emits just 89 grams of CO2 per kilometre (ADR81/02 Combined), a 16 per cent improvement over the outgoing model.

The petrol engine in the new Prius grows in size from a 1.5 litre engine to 1.8 litres, boosting power from the combined petrol-electric Hybrid Synergy Drive system by more than 20 per cent from 81 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts.

Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) system allows it to operate on petrol alone, electric power alone, or a combination of both, and can also charge the hybrid battery while the car is running.

Toyota has introduced an Atkinson Cycle engine, features direct ignition, twin camshafts, a multi-valve cylinder head and Variable Valve timing with intelligence (VVT-i), all of which improve efficiency.

Prius’ 2ZR-FXE engine also has a new exhaust heat recirculation system providing quicker warm up time for the engine and also for the cabin heating system.

The system captures exhaust heat that would otherwise be lost using it to warm the engine coolant, reducing the time needed for the engine to reach operating temperatures, thereby reducing fuel use and CO2 emissions.

Toyota has also endeavoured to use ecological materials in the manufacturing of the new Prius.

Prius is manufactured at Toyota’s Tsutsumi plant, which uses solar panels to generate enough electricity to power half of its plant, approximately enough to power 500 homes.

The exterior of the plant is painted with photo catalytic paint which breaks down airborne nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides. Toyota says this has the same effect as planting 2000 trees as it cleans the air by producing oxygen in from the sunlight.

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