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New more Euro-look Mazda 2


Mazda says the new Mazda 2 is the first of its “new generation vehicles to evolve to the next level.”

The new Mazda 2 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland this month.

It says the new car is more than just a model freshening, and is the result of extensive customer feedback from around the globe.

Mazda identified attributes deemed truly important for this segment including fuel efficiency, and easy-to-drive “functionality and operability.”

Customers also wanted dynamic performance which delivered enjoyable, comfortable driving and a design that instantly grabs attention.

For the look of the new Mazda 2, Mazda stylists’ mission was to embody its next-generation design directions in a way that would appeal to a wide range of people in global markets.

Pursuing a concept of “exquisite and dynamic design with a distinctive Mazda identity” (refined for production from the Mazda SASSOU design concept model that debuted at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show), sharp contours were blended with “clear expressions of gentleness to create a look that has
global appeal.”

The car is expected in New Zealand later in the year.

Auto Trader New Zealand