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New models and hybrids keys to Chrysler recovery


Troubled US carmaker submits plan in support of federal bailout loans

Chrysler says four new versions of highly successful models, and hybrids including the key Dodge Ram pick-up, are cornerstones of its plan to return to return to economic viability.

In a submission to the US government in support of federal loans, the carmaker says that in 2010 it will launch a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, a new Dodge Charger, a new Dodge Durango and a new Chrysler 300.

The Chrysler 300 will be first, followed by a new, bolder Dodge Charger and an all-new unibody Dodge Durango.

Chrysler told the government that in 2008 it offered six vehicles with highway fuel economy of 28 mpg or better. For 2009, 73 percent of Chrysler vehicles show improved fuel economy compared with the previous year’s model.

“Fuel economy will continue to improve in 2010 with the introduction of the all-new Phoenix V6 engine, which will provide fuel efficiency improvements of between six to eight percent over the engines it replaces,” Chrysler said in evidence.

“A two-mode hybrid version of the Company’s best-selling vehicle, the Dodge Ram is scheduled for 2010.

“The first Chrysler electric-drive vehicle is also scheduled to reach the market in 2010. It will be followed by other electric-drive vehicles, including Range-extended Electric Vehicles, in the following years.”

Chrysler said its proposed alliance with Fiat would further help it achieve those standards as Chrysler gains access to Fiat’s smaller, fuel-efficient platforms and powertrain technologies.

“The alliance would enable Chrysler to reduce its capital expenditures while supporting the company’s commitment to develop a portfolio of vehicles that support the country’s energy security and environmental objectives.”

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