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New Lamborghini concept revealed


Everyday sports car?

The new Lamborghini Estoque concept has been revealed ahead of the Paris Motor Show, starting tomorrow.

The Estoque, named for the sword use by the Matador in a bull fight, is a mid-engined car with the motor placed behind the front axle.

It measures 5.15m in length and is distinguished by its low profile, vented bonnet and LED elements. Under the front hood sits the 560hp 5.2L V10 engine from the Gallardo LP560-4, however, Lamborghini has revealed that the future production model could feature anything from a V12 TDI to a V8 hybrid.

The gearbox is also in a non-traditional Lamborghini location: behind the front axle.

Inside, the car features four seats and, for the driver, a large LCD screen displaying a wide range of information, including navigation and vehicle information.

The Estoque features a spacious trunk large enough to hold "several golf bags" or articles of luggage.

According to the press release, no official decision has been made regarding production, but did hint that the Estoque could lead to a third model in the lineup.


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