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New Coupe cat sharpens on-road and pricing claws


Jaguar NZ announces a competotive pricing strategy aimed at eliminating haggling and protecting resale values of its new XF sedan, the car that replaces the retro-look S-Type and which has just gone on sale here.

Jaguar’s coupe-styled XF sedan has gone on sale in New Zealand in four variants, and at prices, ranging from $114,990 to $169,990, and a pledge from Jaguar New Zealand to adopt a firm, no haggle, pricing policy for the XF and subsequent models that will eliminate long-term undermining of jaguars’ resale values.

There are two V6s in the XF range, a 2.7-litre twin turbo diesel and a 3.0-litre petrol, both selling for $114,990.

The other models are a naturally-aspirated 4.2-litre V8 selling for $139,990 and a supercharged SV8 version of the same engine at $169,990.

Jaguar NZ boss, Wallis Dumper, says the company has taken a deliberately competitive stance on pricing, and says Jaguar is embarking on a no-haggle policy.

“This is the beginning of a ‘no haggle’ price philosophy for the brand in New Zealand where customers need not fear there being differential subsidising of prices from customer to customer or region to region.

“Ultimately as new Jaguars arrive into New Zealand this pricing philosophy will deliver rewards for customers with better residual values and less depreciation over time.

“With the XF being the beginning of a new era for Jaguar, we see this as an appropriate time to help kiwi customers with the purchase decision by having a RRP that is transparent right from day one to avoid price activities at launch that may lead to unnecessary depreciation.”

Dumper concedes depreciation will occur, but “the new XF reflects best value positioning and also provides clarity to all buyers, be they large corporate customers or dream car investors.

“The transparency of these prices will help eliminate long term undermining discounts from the Jaguar XF market and ultimately allow a natural value to arise at resale time.”

All XF models come with the six speed automatic gearbox with a sport and winter mode and steering column mounted paddle shifters for manual operation. The top of the range supercharged model also has a dynamic mode for more responsive driving.

The XF twin turbo diesel has 152kW of power and 435Nm of peak torque at 1900rpm. Jaguar quotes a combined fuel economy of 7.5 litres/100 kilometres.

The petrol V6 has 175kW and 293Nm, and the naturally aspirated V8 comes with 219kW and 411Nm.

The SV8, the same engine used in the R series XJ and XK cars, develops 306kW and 560Nm of torque.

* For more on the Jaguar XF, including driving impressions, see next week’s Auto Trader Magazine on sale, Thursday May 15.

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