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Silby escapes from huge crash

First year Suzuki NZ Production Racing Championship driver Craig Silby was still feeling sore and a little dazed this week after a huge crash in qualifying destroyed his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo at Manfeild.

“The first turn tightens prior to a left hander, and mindful of keeping on the dry line, I was amongst a couple of Suzukis and just shy of full throttle in fourth,” he said describing the accident.

“And as I was about to apex the right turn, the car snapped sideways and off the track to the right-hand side. It slid sideways across the gravel and slammed left-hand side on into the retaining wall.”

Silby was taken to Palmerston North Hospital for observation and X-rays and eventually given the all-clear.

Like others before him, Silby was surprised to find that what he had thought was a tyre wall was actually a retaining wall made from earth filled tyres.

Having previously competed at track days, mainly at Pukekohe, with his roadgoing Evo, Silby was thankful for the strength of the purpose-built PRS race car and for his HANS device.

With virtually nothing salvageable from the wreck, he says it’s unlikely he’ll race again this season.


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