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Suzuki series leader blasts ballast rules

Suzuki Scholarship winner and current Suzuki Swift Cup points leader Cody McMaster  (second in queue above) says he’s concerned that his car will carry 50kg of “success ballast” in the fourth round of the Production Racing Series at Manfeild.

“The series is great, but I don’t think that in a close one-make series such as this that ballast should be necessary,” he says.

“I’ll be carrying 50kg at Manfeild and I can only lose weight if I finish fifth or worse at any round. The likes of myself, Brock Barrie, Mark Whyte and some newcomers at Taupo were closely matched so there’s no problem with the racing.’’

McMaster is concerned that, unlike the Mini Challenge, the cars in the NZ Production Racing Series don’t carry signage detailing how much weight has been added to the car. That may, in fact, be done in time for Manfeild.

McMaster says that he can understand to some extent that ballast might be a good thing to even out the performance of a wide range of cars in the B and C classes of the championship, but he believes that in the Suzuki Swift Cup everybody should be on an even footing with driver ability making the difference.

“At the moment, there might be a potential sponsor out there (in the crowd) and if he sees me coming off the corners slowly every lap, it doesn’t look good does it?’’

Brent Collins made similar comments about weight ballast being applied in the Mini Challenge series earlier this season.

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