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More powerful V8 for 2010 Mustang


Ford will sell the 2010 Mustang with 4.0-litre, 210 horsepower V6 and 315 horsepower 4.6-litre V8 engines

Cold air induction system technology developed for motor racing has boosted the V8’s output by 15 horsepower.

The intake is tucked behind the driver-side headlight, mounted in an airbox specific to the Mustang. Extensive sealing ensures that cold air from the front of the car feeds the engine.

Chief engineer Paul Randle says the V8’s redline increases by 250rpm to 6500, and revised calibration ensures drivers fully feel the changes.

The 2010 Mustang “runs great on regular fuel, and that’s where we quote our peak numbers, but we also have a great dual-adaptive knock calibration that allows the 2010 Mustang to run on regular fuel as well as premium fuel, and the system figures it out itself,” says powertrain supervisor, Chris Roxin. 

“It also improves the torque of the engine in the low- to mid-rpm range.”

The powertrain feel has also been enhanced by intake and exhaust sound tuning that delivers a signature Mustang bark.

Ford is offering a choice of five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmissions for the rear-drive Mustang.

The manual gearbox’s short-throw, performance-based gear-shifter is based on the one developed for the special edition Bullitt Mustang built to commemorate the classic Steve McQueen movie.



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