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Mitsubishi’s new age pocket rocket


Car designers seem to get wacky when they pen electric cars, and Mitsubishi’s design staff is no exception if this concept is an indicator

Sure it’s just an artist’s impression at this stage but the iMIEV Sport Air concept that debuts at Switzerland’s Geneva motor show in March has a fair degree of wackiness.

Not that Mitsubishi has ever been averse to a touch of the oddball in some of its production vehicles – look at the iCar and the Cinderella’s coach cabin styling of the current ute, for instance.

Mitsubishi is promising the Sport Air will be “a proper sports car.” It has a clear removable top and is all-electric, with zero CO2 emissions.

It will have the powerful acceleration and high torque inherent to electric motors, and by locating the lithium-ion battery pack low down within its long wheelbase it will have a low centre of gravity for sharp handling and stability.

Mitsubishi says the Sport Air is “a new-age pocket rocket” that signals the direction its sports electric vehicles may take.


Auto Trader New Zealand