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Mega GT-R in the wings?


Nissan’s GT-R became urban legend before it was even announced, the internet buzzing with leaked information

Once details of the car emerged, fan and blog sites sprang up worldwide and the stories became as tall as Godzilla, the movie monster that gave the model its nickname.

The current buzz is the GT-R Spec-V, a reputedly faster, more radical-looking development of the standard GT-R.

A Nissan source described the Spec-V to us as “a story,” but a blog site insists Nissan Japan will start taking orders for it today, and that it will debut in January.

The V – for Victory – stays with the standard motor but adds an over-boost button so you can be like an A1GP driver when you want to pass a car that is merely fast.

It’s also said to have standard carbon ceramic brakes, ride 10 to 15mm lower and be 90kg lighter, at 1637kg. It has no rear seats and makes extensive use of carbon fibre in the cockpit.

Myth or metal? We’ll let you know. The eye candy accompanying this story is of racing GT-Rs in Japan.


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