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Maserati finds the perfect garage


Video: Designed to show off the Maserati as a work of art, the winning garage is more like a living room...

In a recent contest held with Architectural Digest magazine, Maserati went searching for the best homes for its cars - as in, garages.

Named the 'Design Driven' competition there was two categories of garage for entry, Existing and Concept, with judging criteria including "noted architectural element, uniqueness and individuality."

The winning existing garage (pictured) seems more like a living room for your car. Winner Holger Schubert built an extra story on his Los Angeles home for his Maserati. The 1200 sq-ft garage has a TV, book-shelf, storage room, small kitchen, bathroom, library, and a view of western LA. A number of sustainable building products were used, including the electric screens on the exterior of the large window walls to help control the climate, as well as 47 solar panels on the roof. All walls are insulated with natural cotton fiber insulation.

The winning concept garage, designed by Chris Altman, has three turntables that can place cars in three different positions depending on whether you're arriving, showing off your rides, or departing.

Approximately 125 entrants sent in text, images and illustrations through an online portal.

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