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Major damage to Valvoline SynPower Ford in Pukekohe crash


The Tasman Motorsports Group (TMG) Valvoline SynPower Ford faces major repairs after a big accident at last weekend’s ITM 500, round 4 of the BNT V8 SuperTourers held at Pukekohe

Having finished race 1 of the weekend in fourth place, driver Andrew Waite was holding a top 10 position in the second race before a major crash into the tyre wall at the fast turn 9. The resulting impact estimated at 180km/hr and in excess of 40G caused significant structural damage to the car, while Waite escaped unharmed.

“The car is quite badly damaged with it needing major structural repairs before being able to race again, I would say it’s the worst damage one of these cars has seen to date,” said Team Principal Steve Horne.

“We will be shipping the car immediately over to Australia where it can undergo a full assessment of damage by Pace Innovations – the manufacturer of the car. An early assessment by our team indicates it will need a new floor, front chassis rails, fire wall and a few other repairs structurally as well as the all the bolt on bits it will need.”

Pace Innovations will decide if the car can be repaired to race again, or a new chassis will need to be built.

“I would say conservatively we’re looking down the barrel of an $80,000 - $100,000 repair bill.”

Though the damage is significant, Horne says seeing Andrew Waite walk away from the crash is a testament to the safety features of the car.

“Race cars can be fixed, drivers cannot, so we’re very glad Andrew escaped unharmed. Pukekohe is a very unforgiving circuit, where the slightest error can have dire consequences.”

“These cars are incredibly well built and safe and the car has done everything it should to protect the driver in a big impact like this.”

The Tasman Motorsports Group Valvoline SynPower Ford is supported by,, Midas, Glasurit BOC and Colin Waite Panel Beaters.

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