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Lean green and grinning at Suzuki


Suzuki New Zealand staff are wearing green grins following the announcement of CO2 emissions figures for new car brands sold here

The figures show that in 2008, new cars sold in NZ showed reduced CO2 exhaust emissions, and that Suzuki averaged 174.3 grams of CO2 per 100 kilometres across its vehicle range.

That compared with an average of 210.7 grams/km for all new cars sold, itself a new low for the motor industry.

“The Suzuki figure is 17 percent better than the average for the whole new car market and is already close to a government proposed standard of 170 grams/km which won’t be implemented until 2015,” says Suzuki sales boss, Tom Peck.

Suzuki’s greenest car is the 1.5-litre Swift manual with a figure of 150 grams/km. The 1.3-litre Jimny produces 171 grams/km and is the greenest petrol-engined 4WD SUV sold here, Peck says. “The latest Grand Vitara range has some models with emissions down by 13 percent.

“Our range is only going to become more environmentally friendly, with the launching later this year of the Alto mini car (pictured).”

Auto Trader New Zealand