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Lamborghini has record sales year


Despite the economic downturn, Lamborghini says it will have a strong sales year and is in good shape to weather the storm.

Italian supercar maker, Lamborghini, says it’s on target for a record sales year in 2008.

And it says it’s in good shape even though it has added eight days to its usual Christmas shutdown as the world financial crisis deepens.

Lamborghini will announce actual sales figures at next month’s Detroit motor show. It says that though it’s not immune from the global economic downturn, it’s in a “favourable strategic position,” will continue to launch new models and won’t be laying off workers.

It says its favourable position comes from the brand’s exclusivity, which it maintains by tightly managing production volumes and keeping a strong forward order bank.

“Lamborghini has produced a year-on-year record performance in terms of turnover, profit and volumes for the last four years, together with a rare double digit profit margin,” it said in a statement.

“Long (ago) the company took decisive steps to address potential market volatility. Production flexibility is made possible by cooperative concepts developed with the union representatives.

“Besides flexible working hours, it provides the opportunity to create training and qualification programmes during work hours.

“There will be no layoffs, but an extension of the Christmas holiday for eight days has been confirmed.”

Lamborghini says it won’t reduce investment in research and development and will continue to expand worldwide, with more new products and more dealers,

“The company will (announce) at least one new product each year (and) continues its stated objectives of becoming the most profitable supersportscar manufacturer, the most attractive employer and the most attractive brand in its market.”

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