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Kiwi ingenuity hopes to break speed record


Jetblack project aims to reach 1000kmh

Young Wellington businessman Richard Nowland has set his sights on the New Zealand and Australian landspeed records with his project, Jetblack.

Jetblack will be the first purpose built landspeed record car, and the first jet powered car designed and built in New Zealand.

It is powered by a Rolls Royce Avon 206 engine with 11,250lb of thrust, which is equal to about 22,000 horspower previously used in an RAF jet. The engine power is equivilient to 31 Formula 1 cars, 22 Bugatti Veyron's or over 200 family sized cars in terms of horsepower.

The car will go through an extensive aerodynamic testing programme and thorough analysis of its performance and strength carried out before the first steel is cut.

Nowland not only hopes to race into the record books with his project, he aims to promote New Zealand engineering and technology doing so.

“New Zealand has an extraordinary ability to be innovative and creative in its manufacturing and technology industries. The reality, however, is that these industries are largely ignored.

“I believe that Jetblack can inject new life into the industry and the economy, drawing on the expertise already available and encouraging students and engineering graduates to get excited about prospects in this country.”

It is intended that wherever possible, components and design will be of Kiwi origin. The car will be constructed with a high-strength steel space frame with composite body, 8.25m in length and 2.3m wide. It will weigh an estimated 3700kg.

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Vital statistics:

Current NZ Record: 347.5kmh
Target: 483kmh
Current Australian record: 801kmh
Target: 1000kmh

Car: Custom-built carbon kevlar over steel space frame
Design: Cosmas Pandit-Pagwiwoko
Finite Element Analysis: Solid Works Software – provided by Intercad
Concept testing: University of Canterbury & Blue Fern Super Computer Facility
Propulsion: Rolls Royce Avon 206 Jet engine (ex Canberra bomber)
Wheels: New Zealand – rubber tyres on alloy wheels
Australia – 30” aluminium wheels
Seat, Harness: Racetech Racing Supplies
Component manufacturing: JJ Fraser Engineering

Time Frames:
Target date for NZ: Late 2009
Target date for Australia: Oct 2010 – Mar 2011

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