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Kia Sportage a greenie


The new Sportage has become the first Kia in New Zealand to be awarded an environmental certificate to show how green it is

The 2011 Sportage, which has just gone on sale in New Zealand, has been internationally recognised for its environmental credentials following assessment of all environmental aspects, from production to day-to-day running through to recycling, by German technical inspection agency, TÜV Nord.

The certificate confirms that the third generation Sportage complies with the strict environmental standards under the international ISO 14040 life cycle assessment, meaning it has good eco-balance and has made significant environmental progress compared to the previous model.

Earlier this year Kia Motors said it would subject all new models to a rigorous environmental audit to provide a warts-and-all insight into their carbon footprint. The Sportage marks the first Kia sold in New Zealand that can now be judged on its environmental virtues.

Among the green virtues of the new Sportage is the reduction in the vehicle’s weight - between 87 and 160kgs, dependent on the car’s specifications.

The new Sportage uses the latest fuel-saving technologies, including advanced engines and six-speed automatic transmission, while some overseas versions also have a stop-start feature that switches off the engine to prevent fuel wastage when idling. As a result, CO2 emissions are much less than the previous Sportage.

Overall, fuel consumption of the new Sportage has been lowered by 6%, with the upcoming diesel auto model averaging 7.5L/100km.

“The eco-balance certificate for the new Kia Sportage is continuing proof of Kia Motor’s successful environmental strategy, which is very comforting for both individuals and fleet owners who place a lot of emphasis on green credentials when purchasing a new vehicle,” according to Todd McDonald, General Manager of Kia Motors New Zealand.

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