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Hybrid-engined Porsches on horizon


Porsche says all of its engines can run on a petrol/ethanol mix. The sports cars can run on a 10 percent ethanol ratio, and the Cayenne SUV on a fuel mixture with up to 25 percent ethanol.

The announcement follows Porsches statement made at the Geneva Motor Show this month that all of its models, starting as early as next year, will comply with the strict EU5 emission standards applicable from September 2009, and will fulfil the currently defined limits of the EU6 standard not scheduled to take effect until September 2014.

Porsche’s Development Centre is also working on a flexible fuel vehicle (FFV) able to run on both petrol alone and on a mixture of up to 85 percent ethanol.

Porsche is giving top priority to development of a hybrid engine in conjunction with the Volkswagen Group. It’s planned to go on sale in a Cayenne variant before the end of this decade.

Porsche says the engine will reduce fuel consumption by another 30 percent, the hybrid Cayenne using less than nine litres per 100km (better than 31.4mpg).

Porsche plans to introduce a “full hybrid” combining a petrol engine with an electric motor which can be run together and independently, allowing three different operating modes. The electric motor provides power when starting off at a moderate pace, when manoeuvring, and when driving in residential areas.

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