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Government says no to micro-dots


The National government has decided that it will not proceed with the Whole of Vehicle Marking (WOVM) scheme introduced by the previous government

Transport Minister Steven Joyce says the potential benefits of the scheme would be significantly outweighed by the cost to motorists.

WOVM involves the application of the vehicle’s identification number across much of a car, using micro-dotting technology.

If New Zealand introduced the scheme it would be the only country in the world to have a mandatory whole of vehicle marking scheme, even though there is no domestic manufacturing industry.

“It is far more cost efficient to add security features at the point of manufacture, rather than as part of the importing process,” says Joyce.

The majority of vehicles now come fitted with immobilising technology, which prevents a car running unless the correct key is present.

The government is also considering a new Land Transport Rule that would require new and recently manufactured imported cars to be fitted with an engine immobiliser before they can enter the vehicle fleet. 

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