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Government cracks down on illegal street racers


Two bills that give authorites more power to tackle boy racers will be introduced to Parliament today

The two Bills give police, courts and local authorities greater powers to crush the vehicles of illegal street racers as a last resort.

The Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Amendment Bill and the Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill will send a message to illegal street racers that dangerous, disruptive and antisocial use of vehicles will no longer be tolerated.

“Illegal street racing is a problem throughout New Zealand. As well as threatening public safety, illegal street racers cause excessive noise, disruption and intimidation," Transport Minister Steven Joyce says.

“Much of this activity is already illegal. The Enforcement Powers Bill is about ensuring the penalties for this antisocial behaviour are a strong deterrent to repeat offending.”
Ms Collins says the seriousness of the illegal street racer problem was highlighted earlier this year by an attack on a lone police officer by a mob of illegal street racers and their friends.

The Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill aims to take the worst of them off the road by taking away their vehicle permanently. Crushing cars would be a last resort for only the most serious of repeat offenders.

The Vehicle Confiscation and Seizure Bill will:

  • Allow vehicles to be seized and destroyed as a new penalty for illegal street racing
  • Allow vehicles repeatedly used by people with overdue traffic fines to be seized and sold to pay those fines
  • Enable Police and Courts to target illegal street racers who commit offences in another person's vehicle

The Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Amendment Bill will include provisions to:

  • Allow local authorities to create bylaws that prevent vehicles repeatedly “cruising” city streets
  • Allow the compulsory impoundment of vehicles involved in illegal street racing
  • Introduce demerit points for noise offences, licence breaches and registration plate offences. This will ensure repeat offenders will lose their licenses, rather than just accrue fines.





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