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Glimpse into the future of motorsport?


Designers showcase their ideas for racing cars in the year 2025

This year's LA Design Challenge chose "Motorsports 2025" as its theme, and entrants included concepts from the likes of Audi, BMW, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Then there's the globe-trotting racer that can compete on land, air and water, a car with eight motors, and even one with a sail 

Check out the images...

Audi R25

BMW Hydrogen Powered Salt Flat Racer

GM Chaparral Volt

Honda The Great Race 2025

Mazda Kaan

Mitsubishi MMR25

Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero

Toyota Lemans Racer

Volkswagon Bio Runner


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