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Ford unveils its electric Focus


Ford officially revealed the 2012 Focus Electric at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently

The Ford Focus Electric is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which reportedly pushes the car to a top speed of 136km/h.

According to Ford, the new car has "a mile-per-gallon equivalent (MPGe) better than the Chevrolet Volt and other competitive battery electric vehicles". And, a depleted battery can be recharged in three to four hours using the optional 240-volt rapid charger - half the time required by the Nissan Leaf.

On the outside, the new model features a revised grille, 17-inch aluminium wheels, and a "light ring" that surrounds the vehicle's charging port. As the vehicle recharges, flashing quadrants represent a charge in progress and solid quadrants show completed stages of charging.

Inside, the cabin features recycled fabrics, a keyless ignition, a Sony audio system, an EcoGuide instrument cluster, and a unique version of MyFord Touch. The system displays information such as battery status, estimated range remaining, and the electrical demands of vehicle accessories such as the air conditioner. This version of MyFord Touch has also been optimized to work with the MyFord Mobile app which allows users to remotely lock and unlock doors as well as setup a charging schedule so the vehicle can be recharged at night when electricity rates are cheaper.

The 2012 Focus Electric will be launched later this year in the US.

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